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 High hopes for the SSL Duende System

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High hopes for the SSL Duende System Empty
PostSubject: High hopes for the SSL Duende System   High hopes for the SSL Duende System Icon_minitimeWed Jun 10, 2009 2:00 pm

We recently installed the SSL Duende PCIe system into our Studio A rig at Power Station Studios in Pompano. At first we were astounded at the amazing quality of the eqs and compressors but horrified at the latency and glitches. We were almost ready to send it back until we did research into the future of the Duende system. It looks like version 3 will enable many more tracks, fix some of the latency issues and allow the use of a true algorithm based reverb Plug-In. Also, if your machine is fast enough, keep the buffer at 128. The update is almost 2 months late but we sure know how that goes! Keep up the the good work, Geezas! The eqs destroy the sound of the Waves SSL emulation (but it does sound a little different) and the compressors are more musical (but a little slow). The "E" button is a go-to feature for hiphop. All around an improvement in my opinion.
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High hopes for the SSL Duende System
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