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The DPS Plug-In for iTunes (mac only) is now available! Visit for more details...
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 Working with devices that have protection circuitry

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Working with devices that have protection circuitry Empty
PostSubject: Working with devices that have protection circuitry   Working with devices that have protection circuitry Icon_minitimeWed Apr 22, 2009 2:28 am

As we near the release date for the iTunes plugin we are fine tuning all of the profiles that are going to ship with the initial download. It has been very interesting working on profiles for devices that contain protection circuitry for their speakers. All of the Mac devices have a circuit like this as well as most flat panel TVs. It's too bad we cant disable this hardware "protection" circuit because it limits what the devices' speakers can really do! The Digital Power Station creates a much more efficient signal that is delivered to the speakers so it acts as its own protection circuit. When the DPS processed signal hits the protection circuit, that circuit doesn't know that the speakers really can handle this new sound! It freaks out like a mom who's just seen her daughter's new belly button piercing. However, through careful listening and research we have been able to work WITH the protection circuits to achieve great results!

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Working with devices that have protection circuitry
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