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 It works... it's great... can we change it?????

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It works... it's great... can we change it????? Empty
PostSubject: It works... it's great... can we change it?????   It works... it's great... can we change it????? Icon_minitimeFri Oct 09, 2009 4:16 pm

Is it possible to make a specific request for a different profile for the SD-100? It's not that it doesn't work, and the truth is I love it!! This is not a complaint. It just seems to me that there is an option that might work very well, that produces an outcome somewhat different from what you've given us so far.

First, my installation. Nothing spectacular, no monster amps or gargantuan subs or exotic components. The car is a '91 Chrysler LeBaron convertible, 300,000+ miles and counting, that had an older Kenwood Excelon HU for the past 13 years. It has replacement speakers in all six factory locations (two-way 3" high-efficiency coaxials in the dash, 5 1/4" in the doors and rears) All the speakers are good stuff (Polk, JBL and Infinity). There's also a long-unavailable Pioneer mini-sub (made to go behind pickup seating) that runs off a small (50w bridged into 8 ohm, variable input) older (damn I love CraigsList) Sony amp. With the Kenwood, the extra highs from the dash speakers made a pretty good combination, but there wasn't any real ability to shape the sound and of course nothing even close to a modern DSP.

Recent History. The Kenwood finally died. The SD-100 from Crutchfield showed up in my email. Install was something like 12 minutes (after I soldered up the connector cables). Results: GREAT!! A bit of tinkering with settings for the sub, setting the input level on the Sony lower to make the HU sub output adjustment useful, and a bit of reduction on the treble (those dash speakers really came alive) and I was pretty impressed.

But my favorite rider complained, on a longer trip, that on some songs the mids seemed flat to her, that she didn't hear stuff clearly (that's not precisely how she put it, but close enough). About the same time, with too much free time, I found a link to this site. More profiles? I'll try it.

I tried all six. All interesting. The 'smaller car' option was waaaayyy too harsh. I was kinda hooked by the idea of the 'bright speakers' choice, but when I got it loaded it didn't do much for me. The SUB 01 setup did make a difference, but without the sort of speakers it's obviously meant to work with, it didn't mesh well with my setup. Then I hit the SUB 02 option. WOW! The difference in power application really cranked up the quality exactly where she missed it... the sound of the system from just above the sub through the mids.

So why am I going on about it? Because I think there's one point that might benefit from a bit more work. To my ear, the system is almost TOO good. Specifically, on some material I get what seems to me more separation than I need. I'd say the DSP is doing more than necessary. How about a profile that does the same sort of things as the SUB 02 -- because that's the one that sounds best for me, but I'm presuming it would work for all -- and generates slightly less separation enhancement? Where content is highly 'produced', the audio tricks in the production and the work of the DSP taken together can be almost artificial. What I have in mind is a 'tighter' sound field, spatially. For some of us, or at least for some material, tweaking the product to the limit could be just a touch too much.

I repeat... this is in no way intended to be a complaint. Everyone that's heard the system is amazed, including me. Just trying to give you a bit of the feedback you requested.

PS -- I'd ask for a tech layout of the content of the various files so I could play with them myself, but I suspect that's not going to happen. I'll wait for your consideration.
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It works... it's great... can we change it?????
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