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The DPS Plug-In for iTunes (mac only) is now available! Visit for more details...
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 Our New Years Announcement

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PostSubject: Our New Years Announcement   Our New Years Announcement Icon_minitimeFri Jan 08, 2010 2:44 pm

Happy New Year, Forum Member! sunny

As I write this the Bongiovi Acoustics crew is in Las Vegas for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show plotting the next exciting applications for the DPS technology.

In just the past few years we've seen the Digital Power Station audio optimization technology appear in the JVC KD-S100 car stereo, the iHome iP1 and now the DPS Plug-In for iTunes! For all of you who have a Macintosh computer you definitely want to visit to check out this amazing tool to breathe new life into your iTunes library!

We have also been busy creating our new information and forum site, There you will be able to view the latest news, information and events Bongiovi Acoustics is involved in as well as read the bios for folks like Tony Bongiovi (world renown music producer, engineer and inventor of the DPS tech), the musicians and songwriters on our staff as well as myself, your friendly neighborhood forum guy! :-P Just register as a user on the new forum page at and don't forget to register your profile picture at

Now that we have this new forum on our own servers I've begun to lock down the old omgform site. All of the original posts will still be readable as there have been some VERY informative conversations. I will, however, be keeping the KD-S100 forum open a while for the excellent currently active threads.

BTW, the engineering team and I have been able to convince the legal folks to release ALL of the original custom profiles for the JVC KD-S100! These are the profiles Tony Bongivoi created for specific model year vehicles when the KD-S100 was a dealer option only (and the reason the original msrp was so high)! This will be our final show of support for the KD-S100, the first ever DPS enabled device, as it goes into legacy status.

But not without a little support from you, dear Forum Member! I won't release the username, password or link to these profiles until the membership of the new DPSInsider reaches 100. And to keep things interesting I've divulged the profile information to one of our forum members (who used to march in drum and bugle corps-hint hint) as well as peppered a few clues around the new DPSInsider forum site. If you happen to figure this one out you get Super Giga Nano Geek Points and a stylish Bongiovi Acoustics T-shirt! lol! So tell your friends to sign up and get involved!

All of us at Bongiovi Acoustics want to wish you and your family a very lucky and prosperous New Year / Decade!

Rock on!

Joe Butera III

chief engineer-Power Station Studios, Pompano Beach, FL afro
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Our New Years Announcement
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