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 Var Sub 02 and 03 impressions...also install pictures

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PostSubject: Var Sub 02 and 03 impressions...also install pictures   Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:39 am

As per the documentation:

DPS VAR SUB 01 A VERY LOUD profile for use with a sub woofer. Set your crossover to 150Hz for best effect

DPS VAR SUB 02 For use with a sub woofer and bright aftermarket speakers. The crossover can be set lower than 150Hz.

DPS VAR SUB 03 A general profile for use with subwoofers.

I recently added my sub and had to switch profiles from the Var 02 profile (DPS VAR 02 Great with aftermarket speakers). With that profile, I barely heard the sub. I tried VAR SUB 3 first and the difference was day and night. Sub came thru well, system sounded balanced and overall, not bad. I then switched to VAR SUB 2 and didn't like it right away. The biggest noticible difference was the tweeters. They were so loud, at high volumes, my ears were going to bleed. The sub was also quieter. I went back to VAR SUB 3 and will stay there for now. My crossover was set to 150Hz.

Also, pics of the install:

Parts list:

JVC KD-S100 HU - $109
Phoenix Gold RSD65cs Components - $79
Eclipse 2 Ch 180 Watt Digital Amplifier - $99
Alpine 12" Type R DVC subwoofer - $99
Custom made ported box - $140
Kenwood KAC-8104D 500 Watt Mono Amplifier - $129

Installed HU:

Phoenix Gold RSD65cs components:

I also purchased this speaker adaptor as it is made from hard plastic and will not be prone to water damage unlike ones made from MDF

Drilled a marker hole for the circle saw for the tweeter pods

On to the components. Here is the stock paper speakers

In you go!

Crossover goes there

Eclipse EA2000 for the components

Mounted on a carpeted peice of MDF to be installed behind the seat. Distribution block is beside it

Alpine Type R, bought on sale for $99 (insane deal) during the holidays

Test fit with a custom made ported box, still lots of space for stuff in the trunk. Box is lined with microsuede

Kenwood KAC 8104D installed on more carpeted MDF and mounted beside the Eclipse amp

And finally, the car this was all installed in

Thats it for now, thanks for viewing
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PostSubject: Nice install!   Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:04 pm

Great job on a very clean install! cyclops

Keep in mind that the non SUB profiles could work very well also. The Digital Power Station does not process the subwoofer output on the KD-S100 so that signal is always clean. Maybe VAR 03 would work also? Maybe with the bass turned down. You would be able to set your crossover to about 80Hz then.
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Var Sub 02 and 03 impressions...also install pictures
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