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 KD-S100 custom profiles and bye bye old forum

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KD-S100 custom profiles and bye bye old forum Empty
PostSubject: KD-S100 custom profiles and bye bye old forum   KD-S100 custom profiles and bye bye old forum Icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 5:00 pm

Hello, All!

Congratulations! Thank to all of your hard work we have successfully transitioned out of our old forum and into the DPS Insider. Our membership is now more than the old forum ever was so I feel it is time to release those much sought after profiles. This old forum is now locked except for the news topic so direct all of your to the DPS Insider.

I would also like to give big props and 1X10^20 Super Giga Nano Geek Points out to Josh Wilmont and Aaron Cholewa (Strmtrper6) for figuring out the Microsoft Tag clues that I left on the site. Your t-shirts are in the mail! The trick was to click on my face on any of my posts and you would see it. You could have also contacted Vanguard92 as I gave the clue to him as well. It was all in my new year email. Thanks for playing, folks!

Here is the info:

Username: rob
Password: roy

Easy, right? :-P

As always, use these at your own risk. Any one of these profiles may or may not sound better than one of the Universal Profiles. Please feel free to discuss your results here at the forum. As of now, no more profiles will be made for the KD-S100. The next DPS application for car audio is right around the corner so stay tuned!

Rock on!
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KD-S100 custom profiles and bye bye old forum
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