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The DPS Plug-In for iTunes (mac only) is now available! Visit for more details...
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PostSubject: Universal Profile KEY   Universal Profile KEY Icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 5:45 pm

Here is a guide to get started with the Universal Profiles for the DPS Plug-In:
Arrow Keep in mind this is only a guideline! The Universal Profiles are meant to be tinkered with. Try them ALL on your system to see what YOU like the best. The easiest way to do this is to open the preferences (gear) window next to the DPS interface. Play a song and load a new Universal profile in the preferences window, then push the B button on and off to load the new profile. Repeat until you find one you like!

External Speakers

1 = Clock radio (a very aggressive profile!)
2 = Cyber Acoustics computer speakers w/subwoofer (a great optimization for this $20 speaker set)
3 = Computer Speakers w/tweeter no sub (great for small desktop speakers with no subwoofer)
4 = Small flat screen tv (optimized for TVs with automatic volume control. Try #1 for larger TVs)
5 = Large home stereo (or boombox!)

1 = earbuds (any headphones that go in your ear)
2 = closed ear (headphones that totally cover your ear)
3 = open ear (headphones that only partially cover your ear)
4 = high quality headphones (such as the Sony-MDR 7506)

Not quite satisfied? Reply to this topic with the audio hardware you are using, the Universal Profile that sounds the best, and what you think would sound better (more bass, louder, softer, more green etc). We are happy to work with you to get the most out of your audio hardware.
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Universal Profile KEY
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